The organization behind this project, The Future Forest Company, was formed to sequester as much carbon as possible in forest land. They buy degraded, unloved land and re-forest and restore it back to health using agroforestry methods including rotational grazing of livestock and recycling forest waste into biochar.


Healthy forest ecosystems produce and conserve soil, stabilize stream flows and water runoff, and host a huge array of wildlife. The Future Forest company also farms in their forest, operating a range of sustainable businesses which provide opportunities in rural communities where there were few before.


Trees are a cheap and efficient way to sequester carbon, but the risk is that they'll burn in a wildfire or be cut down. With this project, those risks are almost zero. Scotland has a wet climate with few wildfires, and The Future Forest Company owns this land outright with the sole purpose of sequestering carbon. As far as forest projects go, this is the lowest risk project we've seen.

Regenerative agroforestry - Scotland

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1000 Kilograms
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