We have a new CPO: Ellen Patzschke

Updated: Mar 4

What did you do prior to Global Changer?

“Since 1997, I have been creating web and mobile applications For Global Brands. My experience helps me to understand the workflows of corporates and to implement our tools in their daily business. Now I am highly motivated to make this world a better place with smart and sustainable solutions by Global Changer.”

Why is acting on climate change important to you?

“I have been interested in environmental protection since 1986, but while growing up I believed "Politics will take care of the problem", Ignored the Facts and went on with the typical lifestyle of the 2000s. Now, there is more to do than ever and there’s no time to lose.

So I followed the words of a great climate activist: Stop and Reverse!”

Why Global Changer?

“I first met Tobias in Summer 2020 to brainstorm sustainable business models to make people aware about their CO2 footprint. After A few minutes it was crystal clear, we both have the same values and targets. The decision to work together was easy and without doubts that this will be a powerful combination of skills and passion.”

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