We have a new CCO: Dennis Schwibinger

What did you do prior to Global Changer?

“After starting my career at Deutsche Post DHL, I joined Applause, the worldwide leader in crowdtesting. First as an individual contributor in sales and later became a team manager. After Applause, I joined Conrad Connect where I was responsible for their B2B IoT platform.”

Why is acting on climate change important to you?

“Ever since I saw coral bleaching and forests full of dead trees with my own eyes, I realized we need to change if we want to keep our beautiful world even close to the way it is now. I firmly believe that we can find ways to work more in harmony with nature and by this protect our earth for many generations to come. But we need to act now.”

Why Global Changer?

“One word: IMPACT. We base all of our decisions on the potential impact. This is also the reason why we focus on empowering medium-size to large companies to reach zero emissions. P.S.: Our team rocks!”

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Global Changer empowers companies to reach zero emissions through knowledge and technology. With the help of our solutions, companies create a liveable environment for present and future generations.

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