#1 Webinar: Data-driven climate positivity in companies

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We at Global Changer believe that existing challenges in the climate crisis cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.

To look at this challenge for our planet and future generations from the perspective of a desirable future, we have created a network of experts. Under the name "Global Changer" we are creating a space for best practices in sustainability, innovative solutions and climate positivity in companies.

The first Global Changer webinar included practical impulse lectures on data-driven climate positivity in companies.

The Speakers

Nadine Michalske: Co-Founder / COO, Klima.Metrix GmbH

Nadine is a tech entrepreneur, co-founder of Piloteers (software agency), CAYA (digital mailbox), M Yachts (booking platform), DLG Data Hub (food product data hub). She has 15 years of experience in brand and digital strategy for global brands. She is co-founder of the data/machine learning start-up Klima.Metrix and is developing an infrastructure for a CO2-free economy with the help of technology.

Oliver Kelkar - Head of Innovation / Head of MHPLab Ludwigsburg, MHP - A Porsche Company

Oliver Kelkar is responsible for the Innovation Making division with the MHPLab Ludwigsburg. Here he and his interdisciplinary teams develop solutions for Future Mobility, Smart City and Industry 4.0, with a technological focus on IoT and AI. According to the motto "from sensor to business model", very pragmatic and applicable solutions are developed and piloted, which can have a major impact in B2B and B2C.

Alexander Britz - Head of Digital Business Transformation and Artificial Intelligence - Microsoft Germany

As head of the business unit "Digital Business Transformation & Artificial Intelligence" Alexander Britz is responsible for all related activities at Microsoft Germany. Prior to this, he was Head of the Public Administration business unit, responsible for sales activities at federal, state and local government level and headed the Microsoft Health Solutions Group in Europe. Before joining Microsoft, Britz held various management positions at Philips in international sales, healthcare IT and marketing.

Tobias Martetschläger - Co-Founder & CEO, Global Changer

Tobias is a tech entrepreneur, co-founder of Endless Motion (creative agency), ConnectWorks (event tech) and partner at Artificial Link. He is co-founder of Global Changer, a non-profit organization that helps companies and their employees become climate positive. Global Changer offers various solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and qualitative investments in climate protection projects. He is also responsible for this global initiative to establish best practices in companies.

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