Combine climate action with social good.

We ensure with our climate projects your highest impact.

No greenwashing allowed.

We work by the highest standards.

We want to be radically transparent with you and help you fund carefully selected CO2-reducing projects. 


All Global Changer climate projects adhere to internationally recognized standards for emission reduction.


It is crucial in our criteria to ensure the additionality and environmental integrity of projects but also to empower projects which realize sustainable benefits beyond CO2 emission.

Therefore we build our own selection criteria process in order to guarantee the highest quality projects to our partners.

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Projects selection process.

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United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Every step of our actions supports the Sustainable Development Goals. As we focus on Climate Action (SDG 13) we enhance other SDGs at the same time. 

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Our projects categories.

We are constantly researching and developing the most effective CO2-reducing projects. We ensure your donation will be used where it should be - having the maximum impact!​

1. Forest conservation and reservation.

Forests are the lungs of our planet. Securing and building up forest is still one of the most effective actions to capture greenhouse gases.


2. Fossil fuel switch to renewable energy.

Renewable energy sources such as hydro-energy, solar and thermal are an integrated part of a more sustainable way to generate energy. Therefore we support local initiatives across the globe and help to reduce the usage of fossil fuel in the first place.


3. Biogas and biomass.

We support mobility projects that use biofuel and other innovative sources to power transport across the planet. This will have a massive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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4. Community energy.

Food production is another big portion of current CO2 emissions. We support efficient biogas and biomass energy projects to produce food more sustainably and with all the resources at hand already. 


5. Water projects.

Enabling local communities with solar cookstoves and fridges plus clean water help to reduce food waste, more climate effective cooking of food and healthier communities.


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