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Global Changer is a Berlin based technology company that was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs and innovators who couldn’t look away at the current state and had to take collective action.

In the next decade of action, we actively work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations along their climate journey and help them to reduce and remove their CO2 emissions by 2030.

Climate change is a hard to grasp topic. We want to make it more tangible and and help companies to take the right steps.

We only have one planet and currently, we are not treating it well to sustain wildlife, our fellow species and all other wonders of the world.

Let’s change it, globally together!

Management team

Tobias Martetschlaeger

Chief Executive Officer

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will change it.”

– Robert Swan

Ellen Patzschke

Chief Product Officer

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandela

Dennis Schwibinger

Chief Customer Officer

“What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

Our values











Our mission

Empower companies to reach zero emissions through knowledge and technology.

Our vision

Imagine a world in which all companies create a liveable environment for present and future generations.

Advisory board


Mathias Kutzner

Board member SDIA. Ex-CTO Team Europe, Founding member Hitfox Group, Co-Founder/CTO Fyber, Dojo Madness.



Frank Meehan

Co-Founder Equilibrium, Co-Founder SparkLabs Ventures, Ex-Board member Spotify & Siri.



Peter Schlecht

Exit of sales automation company. Founder of Artifical Link and Braingrade.


Finn Wentzler

Various shareholder and company owner. Start-up, family business and corporate experience.



We work together towards providing clients with a carbon accounting (Klima.Metrix, Equilibrium) and target setting and reduction measures (Global Changer) offering.
Klima.metrix is a Berlin-based company that works with an automated carbon accounting based on the bookkeeping, travel management, and ERP data. Their platform connects via APIs to all your systems and moves to calculation from yearly to a monthly or quarterly basis.
Equilibirum is a Singapore and Taiwan based software company that helps corporates understand their greenhouse gas and additional ESG criterias.
LineMetrics is the simplest way to collect and analyse building and consumption data. It’s an all-in-one platform – including sensors, gateways, connectivity, analytics, etc. – that enables every stakeholder to get the insights needed to improve environmental efficiency.

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