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Become climate positive with us.

Global Changer is a worldwide organization - created by entrepreneurs and innovators who couldn't look away at the current state and had to take collective action. ​

We wanted to create the change we want to see in the world and took it in our own hands, supported by all the lovely people who want to change themselves but didn't find a way to do it yet. 

Neither have we found a radical transparent approach, that may not be perfect either, but does communicate clearly where the money goes and how the system works.

Climate change is a hard to grasp topic. We want to make it more tangible and look at all the

positive steps happening.

We only have one planet and currently, we are not treating it well to sustain wildlife, our fellow species and all other wonders of the world.

Let's change it, globally together!

Our Mission

Empower companies to become climate positive and create a sustainable future for all.

Our Vision

Create a livable environment for all future generations to come.

Our Team

We are a young team located in Berlin, Cologne and Shanghai. 


Our Partners

Nobody can solve the climate crisis alone. Therefore we work with selected partners to help accelerate the transition into a

sustainable future.

Contact us now and become climate positive.

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Global Changer is helping companies to become climate positive with technology. We build software to lower your CO2 emissions and create a sustainable future for all.

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