Reach zero emissions through

knowledge and technology.

Global Changer builds software to reduce and remove your emissions and create a sustainable future for present and future generations.

Why should you care?

Your customers

Customers are driving demand to sustainable products and services. Gain the cutting edge advantage by showing them your way to climate positivity.

Your employees

Attract and keep the ever growing consciousness among millennials and your employees to act as a business who represents their values.

Your investors

Sustainable businesses are in high demand with investors. Their social responsibility now also finds a place in their investment strategy.

Your family

Ever wondered which planet you will leave to your children or grandchildren? Now is the time to act and create a liveable future for generations to come. 

What we offer.


Climate journey

Our partners.


Why Global Changer.


Fully transparent

The climate market is a big mess, we will communicate all costs openly with you, so you know exactly what you are up to.


Highest standards

We triple check every project or software we use with official standards, our own set of criteria and our experienced team of advisors.


Strong network

We will choose the right partners for your project and are not bound to any contracts with suppliers.


Greater good

We want the best for the planet and will reinvest in more impact projects with a big leverage to solve the crisis we are all in.

Expert circle.

Global Changer can not solve the climate crisis alone, yet alone provide all the necessary measures for it. Therefore we all have to work together and share the knowledge we gained in order to make the planet habitable for all future generations to come.

Therefore we launched an expert circle that will share best-practices of sustainability, promote innovative solutions and ultimately help companies to become climate positive.

If you like to join the exclusive group, please feel free to contact us. 

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the future of real estate

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